Pricing for Sale: The Biggest Challenge?

by admin September 16, 2019

So you’ve decided to sell your home? As real agents we understand, not only that your property  is your main asset but that you will have a significant emotional connection … Continue reading “Pricing for Sale: The Biggest Challenge?”


Be informed!

by admin September 13, 2018

When selling your home – often your biggest asset – it pays to be informed about the documentation that real estate agents require you to complete to provide them the … Continue reading “Be informed!”


Preparing Your Home for Sale

by admin March 2, 2017

The decision’s made you’ve listed your property for sale. So, what’s next? Despite seeming obvious, the presentation of your home is crucial and good presentation will enhance your chances of … Continue reading “Preparing Your Home for Sale”


Let’s Move It, Move It!

by admin April 11, 2016

The most frequently asked question to a real estate agent from a vendor? “Why hasn’t my place had any inspections?” The short answer is simple: your property needs to be … Continue reading “Let’s Move It, Move It!”


Real Estate Christmas & New Year Dilemma

by admin December 23, 2015

The Christmas season in our office creates an annual dilemma about whether we should take a break or open our doors or at least be contactable by phone.   While … Continue reading “Real Estate Christmas & New Year Dilemma”


Busting the Real Estate Myths

by admin September 21, 2015

When it comes to real estate, or indeed many other industries, there are plenty of myths. Here are 6 common ones we hear often in real estate and the corresponding … Continue reading “Busting the Real Estate Myths”


Five Handy Tips for Sale Presentation

by admin September 2, 2015

Employing a simple plan to highlight the assets and downplay the weaknesses will ensure potential buyers see your home at its best and make your agent feel confident and enthusiastic … Continue reading “Five Handy Tips for Sale Presentation”


Buying: Pre-approvals & Deposits

by admin August 26, 2015

Applying for pre-approval for your home loan before you begin house hunting is a wise move – it pays to be well organised and already have a realistic idea of … Continue reading “Buying: Pre-approvals & Deposits”